Time to Prep Our RC Lasers for the Inaugural Salt Water Challenge!

Hey, our good friend Fred James from Dripping Springs is planning to join us on the 18th for the Inaugural, Salt Water Challenge – RC Laser Regatta to be held February 18th in downtown Corpus Christi, TX!  This brings the registered number to 14 and I bet we have 15 or more before the end of the weekend.  Here’s the link to the current Who’s Who list.

As the regatta name implies, Salt-Water can be a Challenge but there’s an easy solution: Fresh water baths and a light coating of Corrosion X on all metal parts and electronics.  See for yourself.  Here’s a link to a great video showing just how effective Corrosion X can be.          

CBMYC will provide fresh water and a sprayer during the regatta to help keep your RC Lasers clean and salt-free.  Corrosion X or another great product Speed X can be purchased from Amazon or the Corrosion X website.

Corrosion X is helping to keep my boats in tip-top shape and I have no fear of Salt Water.

Eric Gregory