Time to Prep Our RC Lasers for the 2018 Salt Water Challenge!

As the regatta name implies, Salt-Water can be a Challenge but there’s an easy solution: Fresh water baths and a coating of Corrosion X on all metal parts and electronics. See for yourself. Here’s a link to an amazing video showing just how effective Corrosion X can be: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s4z8QMgTEA4

CBMYC will provide fresh water and a sprayer during the regatta to help keep your RC Lasers clean and salt-free.

Corrosion X or another great product Speed X can be purchased from Amazon or the Corrosion X website. http://www.shop.corrosionx.com/SpeedX-770001.htm

More details and links available in the article here:

Corrosion X is helping to keep my boats in tip-top shape and I have no fear of Salt Water.

Eric Gregory