The Awesome Corpus Christ Sea Wall: Best View, Best Protection, Best Sailing!

10 days until the Inaugural Salt Water Challenge – RC Laser Regatta in beautiful downtown Corpus Christi, TX! We are sitting at 17 confirmed registrations which is perfect as we plan to run a single fleet. A single fleet, WHAT???? No worries about room, the starting line will be long and the off-sets set wide. We normally stand some 25 ft. above the water on top of the sea wall and look down upon our boats so no worries about a blocked view! In fact, in 18 years of RC sailing I’ve yet to see a venue with a better view of the course. This joint simply Rocks!!!!!

So, is it too early to talk about weather? Yes and No. Right now the brilliant folks at the weather service are forecasting Partly Cloudy skies, 77 degrees, with Winds from the South at 9mph. Tomorrow they are liable to forecast Hurricane Force Freezing Winds, Pouring Rain, Ice, Snow, Massive Flooding, you name it. So what do we do then? Simple, we sail ! This venue is weather proof and so is the RC Laser! All weather reports from here on out are just to help our skippers pack the appropriate clothing.

 Top of the Sea Wall

Looking down

The Bottom