Sunday at the park, 12 July 2015.

What a sail out!  We hardly knew what boat to sail next or who was more excited, the skippers, guests, or Parks Patrol Officer.  We even forgot to eat our water melon.

We had 4 Vics, 3 Soling one meter boats and a Laser, and almost everybody sailed all 3.  Even the park officer (Todd) came over to see what all the school yard laughter was about, and to trade contact information so he could build a Vic.

Our location was West Guth Park within sight of I-37 at Up River Rd.  We had plenty of depth for every boat we sailed, and the whole event took place in the shade of a massive oak tree 15 feet from the pond.

Between noon and 2:30 the air went from light to moderate to heavy, with plenty of puffs, direction changes, and various surprises as the air played off the grassy slops and sharp banks at different parts of the large pond.  Wow.

Everybody agreed that this is an outstanding site for casual sailing and for giving our club and guest novices (Rudy and Lisa, Dick and Arlene Ward, Richard and Georgiana Bradshaw, John Gonzales, and John Bowie) a chance to spectate, get their rudders wet in a duck rich environment, or both.

The regular CBMYC skippers, Woodlawn skippers and their supporting casts (Eric Gregory, Bob and Sandra Thompson, Mike and Gloria Sechrist, plus myself and Lauren) all agreed that this day was an outstanding change of pace.

Fair winds and plunder,

Captain Chaos