Sailing Instructions

2015 Coastal Bend “Kick-Off”  Regatta Sailing Instructions

February 28th & March 1st, 2015

These Sailing Instructions are designed to comply with ISAF – Racing Rules of Sailing for 2013 – 2016, Appendix E – Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions

  1. Races are governed by the current International Sailing Federation (ISAF) Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS) as modified by Appendix E, the prescriptions of US Sailing, the rules of the Victoria Class, these Sailing Instructions and any amendments to these Sailing Instructions.
  2. The Notice of Race is considered part of these Sailing Instructions.
  3. Race schedule: Sat. 10:00 – Sun. 09:30.
  4. The course:
    • The course will have a starting line in the middle, windward,           leeward, windward, and leeward legs, then finishing line in the     middle
    • The course as well as the starting and finishing line will be as         described, unless changed by the Race Director (RD) or                     designate during the event.  Any changes will be displayed on       the course board.
    • The starting and finishing lines shall be tangential to, and on the  course side of, the starting and finishing marks. (RRS E4.8)
    • The marks will be described at skippers meeting.
    • The second windward mark will be used as separators to                  separate the fleet before turning downwind.
    • The leeward marks form a gate.   Boats have to pass in between   the two marks, however either mark can be rounded.
    • In the event the RD or designate elects to shorten the course, it will be announced prior to the first boat rounding either the         windward or leeward mark before finishing.
    • Touching the marks will be at the discretion of the Race Director and will be announced prior to the start of the event.
  5. The AMYA two-minute starting tape/cd shall be used to signal the  starting sequence.
  6. A minimum of 3 races must be completed to constitute an event.
  7. A race shall not start after 5pm on Saturday February 28th, and no  later than 3pm on Sunday March 1st.
  8. Dip-starts allowed.
  9. The event will be scored using the low point system. Appendix A2    of the RRS, will be used with the following exceptions:
    • Throw/out / Discard Races will be as follows:
      • 1 race after 4 races sailed
      • 2 races after 8 races sailed
      • 3 races after 16 races sailed
      • 4 races after 24 races sailed
    • Boats will be randomly selected for the first heat races. These       scores will count towards the Regatta series of scores.
    • HMS will be used to separate the fleet into two heats.
  10. RRS E1 is replaced by: ‘Boat’ means a boat that is radio-controlled  by a competitor who is not on board.  For ‘race’ used as a noun          outside of this appendix read ‘heat’ except in A1.3, A1.5, A1.7,            A2.1, A2.2, A2.3, A4 & A5.   Within this appendix, a race consists        of one or more heats, and is completed when the last heat in the      race is finished. ‘Event’ means one or more races. ‘Series’ means        the number of races actually completed within the times
    specified in the Notice of Race or the Sailing Instructions for one        complete event or a number of linked events.
  11. RRS E6.2 is replaced with: “Rule 61.1a) is changed to: ‘A boat               intending to protest another boat because of an incident that             occurs in the racing area shall twice hail “Protest” and the other       boat’s sail number [as soon as reasonably possible].” (Addition to   Appendix E in brackets).