Sail Out This Sunday (1/29/2017) in Cuero, TX.

This Sunday’s (1/29) sail out in Cuero, TX is shaping up to be quite an event.  Mike & Larry are planning to bringing hot dogs, buns, soft drinks to have a cook out on one of the grills next to the water.    We will be sailing RC Lasers and Victoria but anything goes.  The weather is set to be sunny and warm at 70 degrees with a 10mph NW breeze flowing across the manicured golf course lawns which surround the lake.  This is one of the most laid back places I’ve seen for having a sailing event.  You simply pull your car up to a covered patio and unload your gear.  I often back my truck right down to the water’s edge so that I don’t have to unpack at all.  Everything we could possibly need is right at our finger tips including bathrooms, covered patios with pick-nic tables, clean trashcans, b-b-q grills, paved parking and all of this is set right up against a handsome sailing pond.  There’s a Walmart store ¼ mile away and no crowds.  So if you are up to a short drive through some of Texas’ most scenic country and open to spending a lazy day in the shade sailing RC boats let it be known that there is a standing invitation to you for this and all Coastal Bend sail outs where ever they may be.