• Must have Class Legal RC Laser with number on sails. (First registered has priority in case of duplicates)
  • AMYA membership is required for this RED chevron event.
  • Registration will be available until race day.  Please show your intention to attend the regatta by emailing a copy of the form below to: Please put “Salt Water Challenge – RC Laser Regatta” in the title so that it does not get lost in the email que.
  • Registration Fee: $50, Can wait till day of regatta.

The First Annual, Salt Water Challenge – RC Laser Regatta


Sailor’s Name: _________________________________ AMYA #_______________

Address: _________________________________ Email _____________________

City: ________________________ State: ___________ Zip Code: ______________

Phone: ________________________________

Sail Number: ________________

Home Sailing Club: ________________________________

Frequency: _______ Channel # 1 _______# 2 ________ #3______ or 2.4 GHz____

Bring at least three channels if you are not using 2.4 Ghz to avoid conflicts.

Please write a number (quantity) for each of the following skipper lunch choices and/or additional lunches that are desired for each race day.  1 Skipper’s lunch is included in the Entry Fee for each race day.  Each additional lunch will cost $10.
Here is a link showing photos of each of the lunch choices listed below:
LUNCH CHOICE                                            SATURDAY      SUNDAY
STREET TACOS:                                             _____________      __________
OG PHILLY MAC:                                          _____________      __________
CUBANO KUSH:                                           _____________      __________
THE HOMEGROWN:                                 _____________      __________
GREENS:                                                            _____________      __________
CHICKEN PINEAPPLE EXPRESS:      _____________      __________


SIGNATURE______________________________ DATE______________


All skippers must sign a waiver form similar to the one below at check-in when they pay their fees.

In consideration of accepting this entry, I hereby for myself, my heirs, executors, and administrators waive and release any and all right to claim damages that I or my family may have or acquire against CBMYC (Coastal Bend Model Yacht Club AMYA #334) or their membership, the members of the regatta committee,  the owners of the sailing site, the City of Corpus Christi Parks & Recreation or The City of Corpus Christi Harbor Master’s Office, their employees, agents, representatives or assigns, or the American Model Yachting Association, or its members for any and all injuries suffered by me or my family during the regatta and related events. I have read the Notice of Race for the “The First Annual, Salt Water Challenge – RC Laser Regatta” and accept its conditions and rules.