Press Release: C.B.M.Y.C. Adopts A Second R.C. Class Boat

We are pleased to announce that beginning July 25th a new fleet of RC Lasers will begin having regular sail-outs under the CBMYC banner.  We’ve recently made a bulk purchase of 5 new boats and with Bob’s original our official total will now be 6. We understand that RC Lasers are already being sailed in the Rockport area and we hope that we can begin associating with our Laser brethren in the near future.

The RC Laser’s ability to sail in high winds and chop make it a natural for Corpus Christi, America’s second windiest city.   Being fairly inexpensive, readily available and requiring no building skills makes it a fantastic boat for new members and we anticipate a substantial increase in membership over the next year thanks to this boat.

As soon as possible we will begin posting photos and video of this new fleet.

Meanwhile, enjoy this video,