Our 1st Official Sail Out – Lawrence Street T-Head  –  November 8, 2014

One of the key rules for a successful sailing club is to publish a schedule and then consistently stick with it.  This behavior allows potential new members to find the club and instills confidence about the organization among its current membership.    For a new club like ours, this activity also enables the transitions from the abstract to the concrete.  This past Saturday the 8th was our first official sail out under the Coastal Bend M.Y.C. banner.  We no longer simply exist on paper and cyberspace, we are now truly real!!!!

I arrived at the Lawrence Street T-Head 20 minutes before our planned 1pm start.   It was a beautiful day in the mid-60s.  The ultra light winds were barely strong enough to make the three 55 foot long stainless steel wind vanes which tower above the harbor on Shoreline Blvd point north.  I pulled my bike out of my truck and took a ride around the harbor and soon came across the Nina docked on the north side of the T-Head.  She is the last of the three Columbus ship replica’s built in Spain 25 years ago.  The other two ships, the Pena and the Santa Maria were demolished earlier this year due to their need for extensive repairs.  The Nina was manned by friendly members of the Columbus Sailing Association who are attempting to preserve this unique maritime artifact.  O’ how I wish my 8-year son would have joined me on this outing…he would have loved to have taken the tour being offered of the 15th Century vessel design.

Mike soon arrived with two young men from his church and we started our sail.  Our two young friends were delightful and we took turns racing our Victoria’s from the dock out to makeshift buoys and back.   Yes I know, a small group we are but we now exist in a concrete form.  Several new prospects are building boats or are planning to visit with us at our next sail out.  The Texas Coastal Bend is teaming with fine sailors and we have great expectation of growth.  Mike and I both agreed to bring our spare Victoria’s to the next sail out planned for Saturday November 22nd at  Lake Thunder Tiger in Aransas Pass, TX.

We have committed to sailing the 2nd Saturday of each month at the Lawrence Street T-Head in Corpus Christ, TX and the 4th Saturday of each month at Lake Thunder Tiger in Aransas Pass, TX.    Please use the Contact Page if you would like to meet us and learn more about our sport.

Images from the Sail out.

Eric Gregory