Maintenance Day on Schaefer Lake

It was a maintenance day at Schaefer Lake in preparation for the big August 22nd sail out. The water level had dropped from its all time high by 3 feet leaving the dock high and dry on top of the old road. Using an assortment of trucks, ropes, skids and magical levers we moved our floating platform back to its intended position.

Jim discovered early this morning a new resident on Schaefer with rather large teeth and a long reptilian tail. We have dubbed him “El Residente” in honor of our good friend the AMYA President Ray Seta. Mike commented “I hope we  don’t get Ray and the gator mixed up…it would be a shame to keep giving beer to the alligator and raw chicken to Ray.” Mike spent a couple hours retrieving buoys, adding longer lines as Schaefer lake is now 25 to 30 feet deep and redeploying in our familiar semi-circle arrangement.

Tim Erwin dropped by this afternoon as well to pick up his new RC Laser. Tim took the helm of #11 which was out on the water and in no time was mastering the Laser’s sailing techniques. He and Jim spent the late afternoon setting up their boats in preparation for an impromptu sail out tomorrow morning. Mike and I continued to sail on Lake Schaefer till almost dark running “C” sails on our Lasers as the famous CC area winds continued to rise.

Below are some photos showing the dock high aground and its final position.

Dock High and Dry3High and Dry #1

Dock high and Dry2 High and Dry #2

Dock High and Dry1High and Dry #3

Dock Back in PlaceBack in the Water