Wow! We just had a great Saturday sail out on Corpus Christi bay with 8 RC Lasers on the water and at least 3 more spare boats ready in case a friend or someone with serious interest dropped by!

Our great friend and future RD Sylvia Dimayuga posted some wonderful sailing photos for us in the previous post. Sylvia is a former Hobie cat racer and really knows her stuff. Best of all, she has no problem calling AMYA President, Ray Seta ‘over on starts’ which thoroughly pleases the local crowd…….lol.

The weather started out a bit cool but by noon we were in the high 60’s and even a light wind breaker just seemed too warm. To our surprise the forecasted 10-20 mph laid and we ended up sailing ‘A’ rigs for most of the day. ‘A’ rigs on CC Bay?!?!? What is the world coming too?

Since Sylvia posted sailing photos I’ll just post photos of some new additions to our venue…. (Photo #1) below shows the brand new public restrooms which were just completed. Up until now we were taking long breaks every couple of hours to allow folks to drive the 1/2 mile over to the marina facilities. That problem is now resolved. (Photo #2) shows the newly resurfaced parking lot which I can’t wait to skate on. Just in case anyone was wondering the street (Photo #3) between the parking lot and the sea wall is no longer used for car traffic. At least 3/4 of a mile of S. Shoreline Blvd has been blocked off to create a park along the beach (Photo #4) and south harbor area (Photos #5&6). Needless to say, this street is a local favorite for walkers, runners, bicyclers, and skateboarders.

After the event, Ben & Vicky joined Mike and me at a cool local restaurant which just happens to be within walking distance of the Host Hotel called ‘The Exchange’ (Photos 7-10). The food was very good and the service outstanding. We may just switch our Saturday night regatta dinner to this wonderful local establishment.

Post by Sylvia Dimayuga
What started out with temps in the mid 30’s, turned into a fun cold day of sailing RC Lasers at the sea wall in Corpus Christi. Looks like we were one day too late for those 10-20mph winds. Ray says” Even a cold day of sailing  is better than staying at home taking down those Christmas lights 🎅🎄“. I am looking forward to being Race Director February 10-11, 2018 for the Salt Water Challenge RC Laser AMYA Region 5 Championship.. see yall then!