CBMYC – WSC Joint Sail Out, Aug 2nd 2015

What a fantastic joint sail out we had at Woodlawn Lake this afternoon.  There were 7 RC Lasers, 3 OD 39’s, 2 Victoria’s and 3 One Meter boats on the water.  Lea G grilled hot dogs, cleaned up afterwards and even sweep out the WSC club house.  Thank you so much honey for supporting us and our hobby.   Finally, thanks to the folks at Woodlawn for turning out to support the kick-off of our Laser fleet. Hopefully there will be a great deal more interaction between our fleets in the near future.

This afternoon the winds varied between 5 to 10 mph giving us the opportunity to compare the RC Laser’s “A” rig vs. “B” rig performance.  Under 8mph the “A” rig had the advantage in both speed and point ability.  Over 8mph the “A” rig’s up-wind advantage began to drop off as the “B” rig seemed to come alive!   At least twice during the afternoon the “A” rig boats nose dived during gusts while the  “B” rig boats raced past them to the finish line.    The “A” rigs will be a must for the Woodlawn group with their light summer winds.   I doubt seriously we will ever see an “A” rig used on a CBMYC sail out as the winds never seem to drop below 10 mph on our home waters.

Our next CBMYC sail out is planned for this coming Sunday, August 9th at 12pm on the Seawall in Corpus Christi harbor just south of the L-Head.  Now that we have 7 RC Lasers in our fleet it would be great to see them out on the water!