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Sail Out This Sunday (1/29/2017) in Cuero, TX.

This Sunday’s (1/29) sail out in Cuero, TX is shaping up to be quite an event.  Mike & Larry are planning to bringing hot dogs, buns, soft drinks to have a cook out on one of the grills next to the water.    We will be sailing RC Lasers and Victoria but anything goes.  The weather is set to be sunny and warm at 70 degrees with a 10mph NW breeze flowing across the manicured golf course lawns which surround the lake.  This is one of the most laid back places I’ve seen for having a sailing event.  You simply pull your car up to a covered patio and unload your gear.  I often back my truck right down to the water’s edge so that I don’t have to unpack at all.  Everything we could possibly need is right at our finger tips including bathrooms, covered patios with pick-nic tables, clean trashcans, b-b-q grills, paved parking and all of this is set right up against a handsome sailing pond.  There’s a Walmart store ¼ mile away and no crowds.  So if you are up to a short drive through some of Texas’ most scenic country and open to spending a lazy day in the shade sailing RC boats let it be known that there is a standing invitation to you for this and all Coastal Bend sail outs where ever they may be.

Maintenance Day on Schaefer Lake

It was a maintenance day at Schaefer Lake in preparation for the big August 22nd sail out. The water level had dropped from its all time high by 3 feet leaving the dock high and dry on top of the old road. Using an assortment of trucks, ropes, skids and magical levers we moved our floating platform back to its intended position.

Jim discovered early this morning a new resident on Schaefer with rather large teeth and a long reptilian tail. We have dubbed him “El Residente” in honor of our good friend the AMYA President Ray Seta. Mike commented “I hope we  don’t get Ray and the gator mixed up…it would be a shame to keep giving beer to the alligator and raw chicken to Ray.” Mike spent a couple hours retrieving buoys, adding longer lines as Schaefer lake is now 25 to 30 feet deep and redeploying in our familiar semi-circle arrangement.

Tim Erwin dropped by this afternoon as well to pick up his new RC Laser. Tim took the helm of #11 which was out on the water and in no time was mastering the Laser’s sailing techniques. He and Jim spent the late afternoon setting up their boats in preparation for an impromptu sail out tomorrow morning. Mike and I continued to sail on Lake Schaefer till almost dark running “C” sails on our Lasers as the famous CC area winds continued to rise.

Below are some photos showing the dock high aground and its final position.

Dock High and Dry3High and Dry #1

Dock high and Dry2 High and Dry #2

Dock High and Dry1High and Dry #3

Dock Back in PlaceBack in the Water



CBMYC – WSC Joint Sail Out, Aug 2nd 2015

What a fantastic joint sail out we had at Woodlawn Lake this afternoon.  There were 7 RC Lasers, 3 OD 39’s, 2 Victoria’s and 3 One Meter boats on the water.  Lea G grilled hot dogs, cleaned up afterwards and even sweep out the WSC club house.  Thank you so much honey for supporting us and our hobby.   Finally, thanks to the folks at Woodlawn for turning out to support the kick-off of our Laser fleet. Hopefully there will be a great deal more interaction between our fleets in the near future.

This afternoon the winds varied between 5 to 10 mph giving us the opportunity to compare the RC Laser’s “A” rig vs. “B” rig performance.  Under 8mph the “A” rig had the advantage in both speed and point ability.  Over 8mph the “A” rig’s up-wind advantage began to drop off as the “B” rig seemed to come alive!   At least twice during the afternoon the “A” rig boats nose dived during gusts while the  “B” rig boats raced past them to the finish line.    The “A” rigs will be a must for the Woodlawn group with their light summer winds.   I doubt seriously we will ever see an “A” rig used on a CBMYC sail out as the winds never seem to drop below 10 mph on our home waters.

Our next CBMYC sail out is planned for this coming Sunday, August 9th at 12pm on the Seawall in Corpus Christi harbor just south of the L-Head.  Now that we have 7 RC Lasers in our fleet it would be great to see them out on the water!

Sunday at the park, 12 July 2015.

What a sail out!  We hardly knew what boat to sail next or who was more excited, the skippers, guests, or Parks Patrol Officer.  We even forgot to eat our water melon.

We had 4 Vics, 3 Soling one meter boats and a Laser, and almost everybody sailed all 3.  Even the park officer (Todd) came over to see what all the school yard laughter was about, and to trade contact information so he could build a Vic.

Our location was West Guth Park within sight of I-37 at Up River Rd.  We had plenty of depth for every boat we sailed, and the whole event took place in the shade of a massive oak tree 15 feet from the pond.

Between noon and 2:30 the air went from light to moderate to heavy, with plenty of puffs, direction changes, and various surprises as the air played off the grassy slops and sharp banks at different parts of the large pond.  Wow.

Everybody agreed that this is an outstanding site for casual sailing and for giving our club and guest novices (Rudy and Lisa, Dick and Arlene Ward, Richard and Georgiana Bradshaw, John Gonzales, and John Bowie) a chance to spectate, get their rudders wet in a duck rich environment, or both.

The regular CBMYC skippers, Woodlawn skippers and their supporting casts (Eric Gregory, Bob and Sandra Thompson, Mike and Gloria Sechrist, plus myself and Lauren) all agreed that this day was an outstanding change of pace.

Fair winds and plunder,

Captain Chaos



After unboxing and sailing Bob’s Laser for about an hour and a half, then boxing and unboxing it and sailing it for another hour we have made some observations and conclusions:

All RC boats have flaws:  You have to lean over further to pick a Laser up out of the water, and the sail servo is not quick (possibly accounting for the long battery service).  All newly owned boats have “bugs”:  Bob did not correctly tie the sheet to the main boom on his first try.  That bug was corrected in about 90 seconds.

However, in 2 ½ hours of sailing and otherwise fooling around with the Laser, that was all we could find in the way of flaws and bugs.   As seasoned kit boat builders (Soling and Victoria) we are all very impressed.

It is a misconception that the best thing about a Laser is the fact that you can literally sail it 10 minutes after you take it out of the box for the first time, and 5 minutes after you take it out the second time. The best thing is the way that it sails: It’s mesmerizing.

During saltwater trials with winds at 14 mph gusting to 18 plus, she sailed smartly with just her B sail.  For 3 different skippers she proved that she can turn sharply around windward and off wind marks, point well, get out of irons faster than whatever you are used to sailing, remain very controllable going downhill, and for 30 minutes she stayed within 3 to 16 feet of a Soling which was sailed by her seasoned skipper, Salty Bob.

As a bonus the cockpit was totally dry after an hour in rough water, and had one drop inside (possibly from the hatch cover) after a couple of hours of ploughing through the chop.  We noticed that the servos responded perfectly using 4 AA alkaline batteries for the entire sail out.

Conclusions:  At well under $400 delivered to your door with all electronics and a B sail, this is a great club boat for our salt water and daily wind here on the Gulf.

While we will never stop sailing the Victoria Thunder Tiger, and will always be a proud part of the Region 5 Vic fleet, the Laser adds an entirely new dimension to RC sailing in the Coastal Bend.  Today we bought 2 more.  That makes 3.

Fair winds and plunder,

Captain Chaos

2015 Inaugural Coastal Bend Kickoff rained out, but not exactly.

If it is possible to have a regatta in which you did everything but sail then we did.  We were not able to sail because the one road we have from the gate to the dock was (contrary to our rain resistant road expectations) not useable.  We sent in a posi-traction pick-up to test the road.  We barely got the truck back.

So what did the intrepid Region 5 Vic skippers and their families do?  Suprisingly, everything else.

We went back to our Regatta hotel, where our awesome Best Western of Portland, gave us the use of their lobby and their dining area.  Wow!

We did what skippers and guests do in the Vic fleet.  We brought just about every boat we had into the lobby for show and tell, took picture of each other and the boats, ate doughnuts, drank coffee, traded building tips, and did lots of, handshakes, hugs and “What have you been doing since I last saw you?”

Then we had our catered lunch delivered to the dining room instead of the lake.  The stuff from BBQ Shack was, as advertised, great.  We enjoyed that then returned to the lobby.

Our raffle was a lively, with lots of banter, teasing, and applause when Chris Macaluso won a Vic kozey.  2 sets of sails make by Jim Smith and Al Ross went in the next 2 picks, and John Kelsey won a hand tooled leather cell phone holder by Creative leather.

NEXT:  Yes there was more!  We got lots of good news about AMYA membership increases and new incentives through Facebook, Victoria class strength and continuing parts availability, and some warm words about the AMYA.  All this from a combination of: Ray Seta, President of the AMYA, Vice President Ron Stephanz, and Victoria class Secretary, Chris Macaluso.

But wait, there’s more:  After a double dose of praise for our ability to combine fun with dedication to sailing from Chris Macaluso, we went out in the rain and had a club ribbon cutting ceremony that looked to me like a 3 balloon release by Region 5 Representative Hew Hamilton.

But that’s not all!  Just over half of our expected Saturday night dinner guest stayed for in town for rowdy and serene conversation, drinks, and some fine Mexican food at our sponsoring restaurant.  Thanks again to Fajitaville and manager Rebecca Poore for the 20% “Pirate” discount.

What we did not have was a single word of criticism or disappointment about our inability to make the sailing happen in the pouring rain.  Not even one.

This is why I sail a Vic.  It is so much more the joy of sailing.  It’s my chance to spend time with the skippers and their families.  It the fact that Vic people are almost a different species, so different in so many wonderful ways.

Fair Winds,
Captain Chaos

Official Sail Out Scheduled for February 14th, 2015

17 day till the start of the Coastal Bend’s 2015 “Kick-Off” Victoria Regatta…….

Let’s start off by mentioning that we now have 18 registered skippers for our inaugural regatta and several more have told me they intend to come.  We are absolutely humbled by the incredible names and titles which will be attending.  Interestingly, 6 levels of the AMYA will be represented: President, Vice-President, Region 5 Director, Region 5 Associate Director, Bulletin Editor and Victoria Class Secretary.  Further, three past Victoria National Champions will be in attendance including the 2014 National Champion Victoria Sailor.  WOW!!!!!!!

This coming Saturday, February 14th from 1-4pm we will be holding an official sail out and tuning session in preparation for the big event!    All Victoria sailors are invited…heck we might even let a DF on the lake after a few laughs…so come on out and visit or if you are a local come join us!


This may have just been another working weekend at Lake Thunder Tiger but we did have a cool “FIRST”! Our good friend Larry was the first person to launch and sail from the new dock “ever”… Larry is one of the 7 to 8 new Vic sailors who we hope will be sailing with us often over the coming years. Enjoy the photos… Mike has some great close ups of him petting the horses next to the dock on his cell phone. I hope to post these tomorrow. Next weekend is our regular 2nd Saturday sail out from 1 to 4pm. We plan to sail regardless of weather so please feel free to come out and see some of our ongoing projects and dip your boat into our wonderful clear water.

IMG_1624 IMG_1623 IMG_1627 IMG_1628 IMG_1614

3rd Official Sail Out – Lawrence Street T-Head – December 13, 2014

With a sudden, ominous sensuality the shadow of AMYA club 334 has fallen for a third time across the waters of region 5, darkening the dreams of those who would be king.  Let all brigands, scalawags, pirates and even the queens own know that Coastal Bend MYC has not gone away.  Quite the contrary.

On this perfect sailing day of constant and fair SW winds, 334, showing the cool arrogance and unrelenting skill of their breed, boldly sailed into the very heart of Corpus Christi marina, using 3 race registered Victoria Thunder Tigers to chase each and every full sized sailboat quivering with fear into the relative safety of their slips.

Yet one of their number, Matt Sebring, showed the courage of a true sailor, parking his vessel where he would and boldly calling for parlay.  Amazed at the cut of his jib he was granted such.  He then took the helm of me own vessel, #86, and amazed our entire host by sailing with such skill and daring that he was invited to join the Coastal Bend Vic fleet.  He has accepted, and has brought his entire family with him, determined to show all doubters that pirating is a family activity.  Chrystal (wife) and Morgan (son) are planning to take the pirates pledge.

Yet there is more news for the fleet.  Known and seasoned salts Bob and Sue Hasting arrived in the middle of this ideal, sunny day to try their hand at the sticks.  We were fair amazed as Bob skippered a Vic for over half an hour, and Sue vowed to return and show us what she is made of.

Eric the Terrible, and our won Commodore, Big Jim Smith, brought their boats, giving us 3 vessels that were skippered by one and another of the worthy mentioned above, racing from bell to bell, leaving wakes for over 3 hours steady until overtaken by a glorious sunset.

The Coastal Bend Commodore himself is witness to all that I say, and under pirate code 567.3  I “suggest” that you question not so much as a word as laid down above.

“Take all hope, leave only despair.”  Captain Chaos


Note: Our next sail out is scheduled for Saturday, December 27th at 1pm on Lake Thunder Tiger.

The First Sail Out at Lake Thunder Tiger

This past Sunday the 23rd, lead by our fearless commodore Jim Smith of Rockport and infamous Pirate Captain Mike Causey of Corpus Christi, 6 Victoria’s took to the water on this first outing of the Coastal Bend Model Yacht Club on Lake Thunder Tiger in Aransas Pass, TX.

Originally scheduled for Saturday the 22nd, Mike called for a date change due to ominous weather forecasts of 100% rain and 20-25 knot winds.   The call was “spot on” as Sunday the 23rd turned out to be absolute “Perfect” Victoria sailing conditions.

For those of you who haven’t been to Lake Thunder Tiger, the best description is of a Corona Extra beach commercial with a remote control in hand instead of a beer.    Run your boat up on the beach in between races without worry of fouling your keel with gunk or weeds.   No debris in the pond in spite of the heavy downpours the previous day.   No obstructions to swirl the winds regardless of the compass direction in which they predominately blew and sweet fresh water to dip your bare feet in as you launch your boat.

During the afternoon we enjoyed that famous comradery for which Victoria sailors are known for.   Joining us as a guest of Mike Causey was Bob of Corpus Christi and accompanying Jim was David Brown of Rockport.  We hope both gentlemen will consider building Victoria’s after this initial sail out.  From San Antonio, Eric Gregory brought his entire clan including wife Lea, son William and puppy dog Blitz.  8 year old William, who spent most of the afternoon happily playing in the sand, finished the day by taking over one of his father’s boats.  To the surprise of all he beat Mike Causey on his first race around the buoys….sorry Mike, I couldn’t resist buddy.

It was a leisurely afternoon of mark setting, boat tuning and simple enjoyments.  Talk of new docks and future activities abounded.   The feeling of having our efforts to date begin to pay dividends was simply priceless!

Our next sail out is scheduled for Saturday, December 13th at 1pm at the Lawrence Street T-Head in Corpus Christi, TX.   Our next sail at Lake Thunder Tiger will occur on Saturday, December 27th at noon.

Come join us!

Eric Gregory