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Corpus Christi Marina Webcam

Here is a link to a cool web cam just a few yards from our RC Sailing location overlooking the Corpus Christi Marina and the Corpus Christi skyline beyond. Enjoy

4 Days And Counting……

Just 4 days remaining until the RED CHEVRON, First Annual Salt Water Challenge – RC Laser Regatta in beautiful downtown Corpus Christi, TX! If you are interested in attending its still not too late to sign up. Just send me an e-mail at . The weather is promising to be comfortable but I recommend bringing a light rain jacket just to be safe. The current weather forecast is listed below:

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Visit The Texas State Aquarium While in Corpus Christi

While you are sailing at the Salt Water Challenge, RC Laser Regatta your family could be next door visiting the: The Texas State Aquarium.

Here is the current Regatta forecast for The Coastal Bend’s Salt Water Challenge, RC Laser Regatta scheduled for February 10th & 11th, 2018:

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New Chase Boat!

No more paddling after out of control boats. Very Nice!

Just a reminder, there are 20 days remaining until the RED CHEVRON, First Annual Salt Water Challenge – RC Laser Regatta in beautiful downtown Corpus Christi, TX!

If you haven’t registered there is still time and we have boats available. E-mail me for information:

William is ready to go!

Time to Prep Our RC Lasers for the 2018 Salt Water Challenge!

As the regatta name implies, Salt-Water can be a Challenge but there’s an easy solution: Fresh water baths and a coating of Corrosion X on all metal parts and electronics. See for yourself. Here’s a link to an amazing video showing just how effective Corrosion X can be:

CBMYC will provide fresh water and a sprayer during the regatta to help keep your RC Lasers clean and salt-free.

Corrosion X or another great product Speed X can be purchased from Amazon or the Corrosion X website.

More details and links available in the article here:

Corrosion X is helping to keep my boats in tip-top shape and I have no fear of Salt Water.

Eric Gregory

New Burgee

So according to Mike the burgee design is on the way to the graphics department for work before embroidering on our hats.

Hope to see you folks this weekend for our regular 2nd Saturday sail out on the Corpus Christi sea wall.

Saturday, January 13th from 10am to 5pm.

Last Group Sail Out Before the Salt Water Challenge, Planned for Saturday, January 13th.

Hey folks, we are coming up on our last group sail outing before the Salt Water Challenge in February.  So far 7 attendees have let me know they are coming and we’d love to have more as there certainly is room…. This Saturday will be the public debut of our new chase boat. Maybe we can talk Mike into a cruise around the harbor 

Some of us are also planning to try out the Water Street Oyster Bar as a potential Saturday Night Dinner Location for the Salt Water Challenge. The promise of local seafood delights and those famous Corpus Christi steaks have my mouth watering in anticipation. Live music and a festive atmosphere can be expected every Saturday night and this is all right next door to the host hotel. We’ll certainly let everyone know how it turns out. Meanwhile, here is a link to their website:

Inside the Water Street Oysterbar….yes the walls are covered in oyster shells.

Corpus Christi at Night.


Congratulations to Al Ross for his 1st place victory at the Coastal Bend’s Inaugural Salt Water Challenge – RC Laser Regatta.

Very special thanks to Sylvia Dimayuga for being our RD and Josephine Camarillo for assisting with Race Scoring, we were all in very competent hands this afternoon. We must also give special thanks to Lauren Causey for her efforts organizing our most excellent lunch and for handling registration. Yes, the ladies were in charge and we were all better off for it!

The morning began with winds out of the South at 10-15mph allowing us to run races parallel to the sea wall. This venue has two great concrete walk ways, one at water level and the second on top of the sea wall allowing plenty of room for us to pace up and down the race course.

A very satisfying lunch arrived at noon.  With at least 7 different sandwich and taco choices to choose from everyone could have something they liked.  During lunch Ray Seta entertained the crowd with a rollercoaster style skateboarding display on the upper walk way of the sea wall.  Thankfully for the AMYA he walked away unscathed.

After lunch the winds quickly clocked around from South to East forcing us to reset the course and run our races out away from the seawall toward the breakwater separating the marina from Corpus Christi Bay.  The winds steadily increased to 20mph allowing for a mix of B & C rigs during the last of our 14 total races.

In the final hours of the Regatta a wedding party arrived and took over the Gazebo which overlooks our venue.  RD Sylvia Dimayuga would not let us play our starter tape during the wedding. Fortunately, the ceremony was brief and we were back to sailing in no time at all.  The young couple will forever have the memory of getting married at the Inaugural Salt Water Challenge – RC Laser Regatta.  And yes, we are in the back ground of all their wedding pictures. They even took one of our brochures as a keep sake.

Al Ross put on a fantastic sailing display truly dominating the rest of the fleet.  He seemed especially dominate the last few hours of the regatta as he easily pulled away from the other race leaders.  Filling out the top 3 were Ray Seta and Will Rottgering who never surrendered and pushed for ever more races in hopes of catching our leader.  From CBMYC our friend Eric Gregory pull-in a surprising 4th as he split his time between chase boat duty and racing.

We had divided our skippers in to Gold and Silver fleets based on experience at the skippers meeting.  Of the Silver Fleet captains our 1st Place winner was Tirza Dabdoub.  Tirza not only won the Silver Fleet trophy but she also won the Special Finisher award for having the most point awarded to a skipper without a DNF or DNS. Congratulations Tirza, from now on you are in the Gold Fleet. Finishing second in the Silver Fleet was newcomer to RC Laser sailing, Butch Willson of Austin, TX.  Butch gets to return home as top gun among the 5 strong Austin Team and we look forward to seeing his progression.  Finally rounding out our Silver Fleet winners was Mike Causey from CBMYC.  Mike has come a long way with his sailing and we at CBMYC are extremely proud of him and his performance at today’s event.

Finally, we must make note of that peculiar position called “Mid-Fleet Hacker” which some seem to prize so highly.  At this regatta the honor falls to everyone’s favorite sailor, John “JK” Kuc!  John blew a servo which cost him a few positions at the end of the regatta but it won him this beloved position in the fleet. Congratulations to him.

To all the fine racers who helped make this Inaugural Salt Water Challenge – RC Laser Regatta such a roaring success, the members of the Coastal Bend Model Yacht Club extend their greatest gratitude.  Hope to see everyone next year.


Saturday Evening Dinner at Harrison’s Landing

Harrison’s Landing Restaurant- A Series of Boats and Floating Barges

JK and Eric – Crazy Don’t Describe This


The Austin Contingent

L to R: Tirza, Al, Mike, Lauren and Will

L to R: Robert, Vicky, Ben and Commodore Big Jim

Full Table

Another View

Big Winner #1


Big Winner #2

Maybe Not So Big A Winner….Stop Pouting Ray

View from Harrison’s Landing Floating Barge

Multiple Views of Harrison’s Landing