New Chase Boat!

No more paddling after out of control boats. Very Nice!

Just a reminder, there are 20 days remaining until the RED CHEVRON, First Annual Salt Water Challenge – RC Laser Regatta in beautiful downtown Corpus Christi, TX!

If you haven’t registered there is still time and we have boats available. E-mail me for information:

William is ready to go!

Time to Prep Our RC Lasers for the 2018 Salt Water Challenge!

As the regatta name implies, Salt-Water can be a Challenge but there’s an easy solution: Fresh water baths and a coating of Corrosion X on all metal parts and electronics. See for yourself. Here’s a link to an amazing video showing just how effective Corrosion X can be:

CBMYC will provide fresh water and a sprayer during the regatta to help keep your RC Lasers clean and salt-free.

Corrosion X or another great product Speed X can be purchased from Amazon or the Corrosion X website.

More details and links available in the article here:

Corrosion X is helping to keep my boats in tip-top shape and I have no fear of Salt Water.

Eric Gregory


Wow! We just had a great Saturday sail out on Corpus Christi bay with 8 RC Lasers on the water and at least 3 more spare boats ready in case a friend or someone with serious interest dropped by!

Our great friend and future RD Sylvia Dimayuga posted some wonderful sailing photos for us in the previous post. Sylvia is a former Hobie cat racer and really knows her stuff. Best of all, she has no problem calling AMYA President, Ray Seta ‘over on starts’ which thoroughly pleases the local crowd…….lol.

The weather started out a bit cool but by noon we were in the high 60’s and even a light wind breaker just seemed too warm. To our surprise the forecasted 10-20 mph laid and we ended up sailing ‘A’ rigs for most of the day. ‘A’ rigs on CC Bay?!?!? What is the world coming too?

Since Sylvia posted sailing photos I’ll just post photos of some new additions to our venue…. (Photo #1) below shows the brand new public restrooms which were just completed. Up until now we were taking long breaks every couple of hours to allow folks to drive the 1/2 mile over to the marina facilities. That problem is now resolved. (Photo #2) shows the newly resurfaced parking lot which I can’t wait to skate on. Just in case anyone was wondering the street (Photo #3) between the parking lot and the sea wall is no longer used for car traffic. At least 3/4 of a mile of S. Shoreline Blvd has been blocked off to create a park along the beach (Photo #4) and south harbor area (Photos #5&6). Needless to say, this street is a local favorite for walkers, runners, bicyclers, and skateboarders.

After the event, Ben & Vicky joined Mike and me at a cool local restaurant which just happens to be within walking distance of the Host Hotel called ‘The Exchange’ (Photos 7-10). The food was very good and the service outstanding. We may just switch our Saturday night regatta dinner to this wonderful local establishment.

Post by Sylvia Dimayuga
What started out with temps in the mid 30’s, turned into a fun cold day of sailing RC Lasers at the sea wall in Corpus Christi. Looks like we were one day too late for those 10-20mph winds. Ray says” Even a cold day of sailing  is better than staying at home taking down those Christmas lights 🎅🎄“. I am looking forward to being Race Director February 10-11, 2018 for the Salt Water Challenge RC Laser AMYA Region 5 Championship.. see yall then!

Refloating the Columbus ship La Nina

Great January weather forecasted for tomorrow’s Sail Out with 60 degree temps and 10 to 20 mph winds out of the NNE. Our RC Lasers will love this weather and the NNE winds will assure flat seas.

If you can’t find us tomorrow call: 210-313-9051 for directions. 
Sail Time is 10am to 5pm.

Hope to see you there!

Also, During Hurricane Harvey the Columbus ship La Nina partially sunk when the power went out shutting down her pumps. Here is an article and video from kiiitv in Corpus Christi about the efforts to refloat her.

New Burgee

So according to Mike the burgee design is on the way to the graphics department for work before embroidering on our hats.

Hope to see you folks this weekend for our regular 2nd Saturday sail out on the Corpus Christi sea wall.

Saturday, January 13th from 10am to 5pm.

Last Group Sail Out Before the Salt Water Challenge, Planned for Saturday, January 13th.

Hey folks, we are coming up on our last group sail outing before the Salt Water Challenge in February.  So far 7 attendees have let me know they are coming and we’d love to have more as there certainly is room…. This Saturday will be the public debut of our new chase boat. Maybe we can talk Mike into a cruise around the harbor 

Some of us are also planning to try out the Water Street Oyster Bar as a potential Saturday Night Dinner Location for the Salt Water Challenge. The promise of local seafood delights and those famous Corpus Christi steaks have my mouth watering in anticipation. Live music and a festive atmosphere can be expected every Saturday night and this is all right next door to the host hotel. We’ll certainly let everyone know how it turns out. Meanwhile, here is a link to their website:

Inside the Water Street Oysterbar….yes the walls are covered in oyster shells.

Corpus Christi at Night.

The Awesome Corpus Christ Sea Wall: “An Amphitheater to the Sea!”

36 days until the RED CHEVRON, First Annual Salt Water Challenge – RC Laser Regatta in beautiful downtown Corpus Christi, TX!  We normally stand some 15 feet above the water on top of the sea wall and look down upon our boats with never a worry about a blocked view!  In fact, the sea wall structure was originally designed as “An Amphitheater to the Sea” where spectators would watch sailboat races on the bay. 

Winds are consistently strong this time of year and stream across the bay in an uninterrupted straight line.  C and D rigs are the norm and the locals usually forego purchasing an “A” rig as there is never an opportunity for its use.

Is it too early to talk about weather? Yes and No. Today the brilliant folks at the weather service are forecasting Partly Cloudy skies, 77 degrees, with Winds from the South at 15mph. Tomorrow that forecast could change to Hurricane Force Freezing Winds, Pouring Rain, Ice, Snow, Massive Flooding, you name it. So, what do we do if the weather turns foul?  Simple, WE SAIL! This venue is weather proof and so is the RC Laser!  All weather reports from here on out are just to help our skippers pack the appropriate clothing.  Here is a video showing the condition of the venue just hours after the passage of Hurricane Harvey.

Here are some additional photos and video of the sailing venue:

The Upper Walkway.

The Lower Walk Way

RC Lasers Lined Up and Ready to Sail

The Race Committee’s Pergola

Lunch will Arrive Soon

Preparing to Race

A Walk Way at Water Level and Another 15 Feet Above.

An Outer Sea Wall Divides the Harbor From The Bay.

Flat Water in The Harbor No Matter How Hard the Wind Blows

In the Distance White Caps Role Across Corpus Christi Bay

Video of the Racing Venue from the Water: 

Fun Highlights of Last Year’s Salt-Water Challenge RC Laser Regatta:

We hope that you will consider attending the 2018 Salt Water Challenge RC Laser Regatta scheduled for February 10-11th, 2018.  If you do plan to attend please e-mail us a copy of the registration form so that we may prepare for your arrival.  

Here are our favorite highlights from the 2017 Salt Water Challenge RC Laser Regatta.    If I missed anything please chime in……
1.) The Ladies Were in Charge:  

Very special thanks to Sylvia Dimayuga for being our RD and Josephine Camarillo for assisting with Race Scoring.  We were all in very competent hands that afternoon.

We must also give special thanks to Lauren Causey for her efforts organizing our most excellent lunch, handling registration and being our representative to the public which gathered to watch the event.

2.) Our Regatta Plays Host To A Wedding:

In the final hours of the Regatta a wedding party arrived and took over the Gazebo which overlooks our venue.  RD Sylvia Dimayuga would not let us play our starter tape during the wedding. Fortunately, the ceremony was brief and we were back to sailing in no time at all.  The young couple will forever have the memory of getting married at the Inaugural Salt Water Challenge – RC Laser Regatta.  And yes, we are in the back ground of all their wedding pictures. They even took one of our brochures as a keep sake.


3.) Rollercoaster Skateboarding Display by AMYA President:

AMYA President, Ray Seta, entertained the crowd with a rollercoaster style skateboarding display on the upper walk way of the sea wall.  Thankfully for the AMYA he walked away unscathed.  Click Here for Video of Ray Seta Skating On Sea Wall During Lunch.

 4.) Corpus Christi is Invaded by UFO’s:

Sailors watch from the Host Hotel Lounge on Friday night before the Regatta as Corpus was invaded by UFOs!!!!!!!!  Below is photographic evidence of the UFO’s flying in over the city and bay. 

5.)  The Rescue Boat Captain Needs a Rescue:

Our Rescue boat captain spends more time in the drink than in the boat.  In the photo below Stephen Gregory, AKA, The Drowned Wookie, wades to a safe swim ladder after rolling his kayak. 

 6.) Video From The Water:

Here is a link to a Cool Video Taken By a Sail Boat Returning From Corpus Christi Bay After A Day of Racing:  Click Here to View Video of The Regatta From A Passing Boat

7.) Complete 2017 Inaugural Salt Water Challenge Recap:

Here is a link to a complete recap of the 2017 Inaugural Salt Water Challenge – RC Laser Regatta

Host Hotel’s Negotiated Rate, Map, Photos, and Alternatives

POSTED: January 1ST, 2018

The First Annual Salt Water Challenge – RC Laser Regatta is now scheduled for February 10-11TH, 2018.  This AMYA RED Chevron event will be hosted by the Coastal Bend M.Y.C. in downtown Corpus Christi, TX on the famous sea wall overlooking the municipal harbor.

Several of us plan to stay at the Best Western at 300 N Shoreline Blvd.   The Best Western is roughly 550 yards to the north of the Sailing Venue.   We have a group rate of $119.00 per night.  Please use Rate Code: now2  All hotels this time of year are a little higher as its Spring Break for some colleges and universities.  I suggest making reservations quickly as many of the hotels listed in this e-mail will soon be full.  Rooming with another sailor is always a smart choice to save a few bucks.  Other nearby hotels are listed at the bottom of this e-mail but I think you will be happier staying with us at the Host Hotel.  Here are some photos of the Best Western: 

Best Western Corpus Christi (Host Hotel) 
300 N Shoreline Blvd, Corpus Christi, TX, 78401
Phone: (361) 883-5111\grandviewlounge

Best Western at Night

Literally watch the Race Committee deploy the buoys
 while you have breakfast on the Best Western’s 11TH floor lounge.

Join us Friday evening to watch the sun set over the marina and sailing venue. Here are some views from the 11TH floor lounge:

View of the Harbor and Corpus Christi Bay

View of The Sailing Site & UFOs

Our Favorite Place to Sit with Friends and Enjoy the Evening Over Looking the Marina

The section of S Shoreline Blvd which ran along the water between the Sailing Venue and the Best Western has been blocked off and turned into a park.  I’ve marked this on the map below in YELLOW.  Google Maps and Map Quest still do not show this properly and they will try and guide you down a road which no longer exists.  To get to the Sailing Site stay on N Shoreline Blvd as indicated by the RED LINE on the map.  Turn left on to Kenny St, cross the intersection, and then turn right into the park.


The following hotels are all in sight of the Marina and 1/2 mile of the Regatta Venue: