2015 Inaugural Coastal Bend Kickoff rained out, but not exactly.

If it is possible to have a regatta in which you did everything but sail then we did.  We were not able to sail because the one road we have from the gate to the dock was (contrary to our rain resistant road expectations) not useable.  We sent in a posi-traction pick-up to test the road.  We barely got the truck back.

So what did the intrepid Region 5 Vic skippers and their families do?  Suprisingly, everything else.

We went back to our Regatta hotel, where our awesome Best Western of Portland, gave us the use of their lobby and their dining area.  Wow!

We did what skippers and guests do in the Vic fleet.  We brought just about every boat we had into the lobby for show and tell, took picture of each other and the boats, ate doughnuts, drank coffee, traded building tips, and did lots of, handshakes, hugs and “What have you been doing since I last saw you?”

Then we had our catered lunch delivered to the dining room instead of the lake.  The stuff from BBQ Shack was, as advertised, great.  We enjoyed that then returned to the lobby.

Our raffle was a lively, with lots of banter, teasing, and applause when Chris Macaluso won a Vic kozey.  2 sets of sails make by Jim Smith and Al Ross went in the next 2 picks, and John Kelsey won a hand tooled leather cell phone holder by Creative leather.

NEXT:  Yes there was more!  We got lots of good news about AMYA membership increases and new incentives through Facebook, Victoria class strength and continuing parts availability, and some warm words about the AMYA.  All this from a combination of: Ray Seta, President of the AMYA, Vice President Ron Stephanz, and Victoria class Secretary, Chris Macaluso.

But wait, there’s more:  After a double dose of praise for our ability to combine fun with dedication to sailing from Chris Macaluso, we went out in the rain and had a club ribbon cutting ceremony that looked to me like a 3 balloon release by Region 5 Representative Hew Hamilton.

But that’s not all!  Just over half of our expected Saturday night dinner guest stayed for in town for rowdy and serene conversation, drinks, and some fine Mexican food at our sponsoring restaurant.  Thanks again to Fajitaville and manager Rebecca Poore for the 20% “Pirate” discount.

What we did not have was a single word of criticism or disappointment about our inability to make the sailing happen in the pouring rain.  Not even one.

This is why I sail a Vic.  It is so much more the joy of sailing.  It’s my chance to spend time with the skippers and their families.  It the fact that Vic people are almost a different species, so different in so many wonderful ways.

Fair Winds,
Captain Chaos