3rd Official Sail Out – Lawrence Street T-Head – December 13, 2014

With a sudden, ominous sensuality the shadow of AMYA club 334 has fallen for a third time across the waters of region 5, darkening the dreams of those who would be king.  Let all brigands, scalawags, pirates and even the queens own know that Coastal Bend MYC has not gone away.  Quite the contrary.

On this perfect sailing day of constant and fair SW winds, 334, showing the cool arrogance and unrelenting skill of their breed, boldly sailed into the very heart of Corpus Christi marina, using 3 race registered Victoria Thunder Tigers to chase each and every full sized sailboat quivering with fear into the relative safety of their slips.

Yet one of their number, Matt Sebring, showed the courage of a true sailor, parking his vessel where he would and boldly calling for parlay.  Amazed at the cut of his jib he was granted such.  He then took the helm of me own vessel, #86, and amazed our entire host by sailing with such skill and daring that he was invited to join the Coastal Bend Vic fleet.  He has accepted, and has brought his entire family with him, determined to show all doubters that pirating is a family activity.  Chrystal (wife) and Morgan (son) are planning to take the pirates pledge.

Yet there is more news for the fleet.  Known and seasoned salts Bob and Sue Hasting arrived in the middle of this ideal, sunny day to try their hand at the sticks.  We were fair amazed as Bob skippered a Vic for over half an hour, and Sue vowed to return and show us what she is made of.

Eric the Terrible, and our won Commodore, Big Jim Smith, brought their boats, giving us 3 vessels that were skippered by one and another of the worthy mentioned above, racing from bell to bell, leaving wakes for over 3 hours steady until overtaken by a glorious sunset.

The Coastal Bend Commodore himself is witness to all that I say, and under pirate code 567.3  I “suggest” that you question not so much as a word as laid down above.

“Take all hope, leave only despair.”  Captain Chaos


Note: Our next sail out is scheduled for Saturday, December 27th at 1pm on Lake Thunder Tiger.